Fun & Informative Condom Packaging Design



Sausage is a pun between English and Thai referring to teach others about sex. The inspiration came from an overwhelming objection from students of the removal of “condom vending machines” that were to be installed in schools but got cancelled.



To help young males know more about their bodies and take the embarrassment out of buying condoms! This group redesigned the experience of buying condoms using informative and fun packaging that come in different sizes and colors. The Saunsage’s condom pack even has ruler that can measure size and has a new way of opening condom that ensures you put it on right.



This team of 3 young women were mostly interested in helping young males take responsibility for their sexual health and understanding the importance of having condoms on them, when it matters most. Sausage brought to light how hard it is to buy condoms at all if you are (or even if you look) young. Store owners, 7/11 clerks, and pharmacists turn youth away when they attempt to go buy preventative measures like condoms. 

Knowing about prevention is one thing, but being able to have access to the things you need is equally important. We don’t have that yet.

Download the Slide Deck From their Pitch