Silent Reflection

A campaign encouraging controversial conversations



This team consisted of 3 high-school girls who question the rules they feel they must abide by that are set by Thai Society. The name "Silent Reflection" conveys issues that aren't talked about (silently enforced) and they've create a “voice” to reflect these issues back into society.



Silent Reflection is a social media campaign aimed to raise awareness on issues that are controversial, ignored, or overlooked. This Facebook page shows thought-provoking content and encourages debate. The team experimented with starting these conversations by hitting the streets and videotaping strangers answering questions like, “is it a girl’s fault if she gets raped when she is dressing sexy?” The videos portrayed honest answers from all ages and genders in their communities.The site is up and it got over 100 followers in 2 weeks and the conversations started!



Gender roles, gender expectations, and unspoken rules came out as something that youth want to understand and change more. The data explained that Facebook is place where youth feel comfortable having these conversations with peers and high-quality- youth driven conversations can happen quickly with little resources so that youth can start to ask questions about the unspoken rules that have a big impact on their lives. This campaign also invited in the voices of many adults so that the conversation can move beyond just youth.

If youth are just talking to youth about sex and sexuality, we will still have to fight with our parents about this or keep ignoring it. I think change will happen faster if we can include them. They were taught what they were taught too—maybe it’s time we ALL start questioning it.

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