Credible, relatable & engaging website



The inspiration for Exit came from finding an exit from all the wrong, confusing or misguided “answers” that they were finding on the all the platforms they moved through during the development of this idea.



Exit is a website that compiles information from credible sources that already exist around the world translated into Thai. In addition to information pages there is an interaction component that creates a space to interact with experts and get answers for questions that may not be so simple. Exit would sit on Pantip- the number one website Thai youth already go to to look for answers for their questions about sex and sexuality.



Thai Youth are aware that the information they get on the internet is rarely reliable, and this only furthers complicates the important questions they have in this area. Over 76% of Thai youth stated they mostly go to English speaking sites that are well known for having factual information if they want clear answers. The information being in english also helped them feel like they could trust it more than other Thai sites. Exit also showed an example of how designing platforms or websites is not enough—you must get people to them. So, these young innovators simply went to where the youth are. Places like Pantip and Thai Health Promotion could scale this for quick impact with minimal effort- especially if they invite youth into continuing to design and run it!

We can find reliable answers sometimes, but it’s far easier to find wrong answers for these topics. It’s time to change that.

Download the Slide Deck From the Pitch!